make at least one thing each day

One of the big problems I have with my creativity is that I feel inspired by everything, sometimes overwhelmingly so; I watch a film that really moves me and I want to write a film, when I hear a great record I want to pick up my guitar, see some wonderful art I reach for my camera. This can quickly get out of hand. 

Currently I am working on two novels, a collection of stories, I am planning two films in my head, I’m trying to branch out with my photography, I have set up a live reading event and hopefully zine/podcast which is all really exciting but I often find it impossible to focus on just one thing. 
This inability to focus solely on one project means that progress with anything is slow and sometimes my brain gets so overwhelmed with ideas that I just stop working. This is not good for me, not just as a creator but as someone who relies on creative outlets to clear my brain of cluttered thoughts and emotions. Most of my work, and I’m certain it’s the same for a lot of artists in any field, is an attempt at trying to figure myself out. 
In an effort to keep my productivity and inspiration going this year I am trying to just create one thing I like each day. It can be a short story, I little video or even just an iPhone photo I’m particularly proud of. I need to change the way I focus on things, stop worrying about the end product and enjoy the process more, stop getting hung up on not being creative 24/7 and make at least one thing each day. 


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