portraits with mates

Portrait photography is one of those things that I have never been all that comfortable with. The whole idea of telling someone how to stand while trying to capture that natural expression at the same time, I’ve always found it really stressful and invariably infuriating when I get home and hate all the images. That said, I have been focussing on portraiture this week to try and improve my confidence and limited skill.

I am very fortunate to have lots of lovely, creative, patient friends who let me take their photo and don’t get cross with me. This week, friends and photography have saved me in more ways than one.

Featured friends:

Lex – Writer extraordinaire and extraordinary friend. She works for LUSH digital and writes a blog at the link.

Georgia – Photo bestie. If a show is happening she will almost certainly be there taking dreamy snaps that make me jealous.

Kathryn – Nicest of nice punx, Kathryn plays/writes/sings music in FRESH.

Louise – Fellow book nerd and the kindest witch I’ve ever known.



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