working with my limitations, and finding a style

Recently I was tasked with shooting an acoustic show, something I have always found difficult because of the sheer amount of empty space and the fact that most solo performers are not as energetic on stage as full bands, and I was trying to think of ways of making the photos a little more interesting. Some of my photographer friends use prisms to great effect but I have yet to purchase one, what I did have lying around however is a metal guitar slide. I took the slide to the show and experimented with using it to bend the light or obscure the frame in some way. The best effect I found was from shooting through the metal cylinder; if angled right, it would bounce the light around it creating a circular light that occasionally I could focus around the subject. I immediately fell in love with this effect and have been experimenting further with it this past few weeks. Pictured above are some of my favourites.



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