Short Stories

Below is a list of all the short stories I have had published, most are online and linked but some were in books and magazines.

“Love is a Robot That Breaks You” is at The Pygmy Giant

“Liar” is at Absinthe Revival

“Porcelain” is in Jawbreakers (available in paperback and on Kindle)

“Why am I here?”(PDF) is in Wilderness House Literary Review 7/1

“I Hoped it Meant What I Hoped” is at Metazen

“Love and Lesser-known Hormone Imbalances” is at Specter Magazine

“Goodnight/Goodbye” is at The Pygmy Giant

“I Miss Me When You’re Around” is in issue one (page 18) of Doll’s Collective Zine

“Nothing Good Ever Happens” (PDF) is at Wilderness House Literary Review

“Good Ones” is at Ink, Sweat and Tears

Blame it on the Dust” is at LITSNACK

“Susan” is at Metazen

Kiss Like I Cry” is at The Pygmy Giant

“When, Now?” is at Sleepy Orange

“Months to Build” is featured in 6S Volume 3

Possibility” is featured on Six Sentences

“West North West” is available via Featherproof Books’ Tripple Quick Fiction iPhone App.

“Emerald” is featured in the January issue of Full of Crow

“Transitional” is featured in the Winter 2010 issue of BURST

“Happened out of Habit” is featured in Albion to Arcadia Issue 2

“Grown Up Love” is featured on Ink Sweat & Tears

“Diffuse” is featured in the Short Shorts segment of Fiction At Work

Pleasantries‘ featured in The Pygmy Giant

‘Moth-Stroke’ is featured in the November issue of First Edition Magazine

‘Movies or Stories from Friends‘ featured on Six Sentences


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